"The Last Days of Cinerama" is a celebration of the revival (and an examination of the demise) of the first major wide-screen film process, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the first three-panel Cinerama film in 50 years.

The 25-minute documentary premiered at the Cinerama 60th Anniversary Festival at Pacific's Cinerama Dome Theatre in Hollywood in September 2012, both opening and closing the festival alongside its subject, "In the Picture."

Music Videos

Lose Control - "Cheap Thrills"


Lose Control is a hard rock band from Hermosa Beach, California founded in 2012 by shred-heads and long time friends Jeff Nisen and A.J. Bartholomew.

Sand Section - "Time Machine"


The official music video for Sand Section's "Time Machine", the first single off their second album, Still Life.

Ogre Mage - "Lady of the Land"


An official music video of our own design and execution for Los Angeles-based fantasy-rock band Ogre Mage


They Might Be Giants - "Can't Keep Johny Down"


Our entry in TMBG's music video contest during the summer of 2011, chosen as a runner-up by author/comedian John Hodgman of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart".


OK Go - "I Want You So Bad I Can't Breathe"


A spec music video designed to encapsulate the unique visual style and wit of Grammy-winning alternative rock band OK Go.


Ogre Mage - "Slaughterking"


A promotional music video for Los Angeles's foremost fantasy-themed rock/metal juggernaut, Ogre Mage, cut together from footage of three different live performances in Hollywood.


Industrial Shorts

It Gets Better Project from Caltech 


Caltech's contribution to the It Gets Better Campaign.  All video production was provided by What Happens Next Productions. 

Acting Reels

Model Photography/Interviews

A series of behind-the-scenes promos for featuring on-set footage and candid interviews with up-and-coming models/actresses, including Swoop Magazine cover girls Alex Curry and Sophia Le


Narrative Film

"A Working Day"



An opening title sequence for live performances and showcases of video and sketch comedy material.

"Mike Celestino's Potentially Amusing Vignettes" Part 1& Part 2

An epic, pilot-length, stream-of-consciousness sketch comedy experiment shot in and around Los Angeles.